The Armenian KRISP company is developing noise-canceling technology. It operates through the Deep Neural Networks network, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning methods. Forbes described the system as the best innovative technology in the world, which works with Deep Neural Networks.

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OMD Armenia is a wholly owned Armenian subsidiary of the US-based company OneMarketData, a leading provider of comprehensive data management systems, market data storage, analytics, and complex event processing solutions.

The company was founded in 2005, and 2 years later opened an office in Yerevan, Armenia. Currently, over 70 professionals are working at the Yerevan office.

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Fimetech is a company specialized in artificial intelligence, machine learning, compilers, image recognition and robotics. Founded in 2010 by Gor Vardanyan; it has made more than two dozen successful deals for the USA, Germany, Italy and a number of Arab countries, created its own successful projects, started its own startups.

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Yerevan State University

MutEx School also carries out effective activities with YSU for the benefit of our students and the country.

On January 31, 1920, the solemn opening ceremony of the University of Armenia was held with great pomp in the building of Alexandropol Commercial School. To date, Alma Mater has produced more than 100,000 graduates. Due to highly qualified scientists, the university carries out fundamental and applied research related to various branches of modern science.

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PhysMath School

Special Physic-mathematical School after Artashes Shahinyan under the Auspices of Yerevan State University was founded in 1965 by academician Ar. Shahinyan’s immediate initiative.

The school, being the only one of its kind and quality in the republic, has been faithful to its mission for nearly 50 years.

14-01-2015 a summary of the 2014 results of the national rating system of RA schools took place, as a result of which PhysMath School took the first honorable place in the top three schools of Armenia.

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