System Programming Fundamentals

System Programming Fundamentals

MutEx School and the Special physic-mathematical school after Artashes Shahinyan are

organizing a "Basics of System Programming" group for the students of the 9-12th grades.

The purpose is to give the students some fundamental knowledge in the sphere of system


Course contents

A new project of the MutEx School, the Systems Programming Group, is launched.

Our main goal within the program is to give the participants fundamental system programming knowledge in C++ and computer science in order to help them to build a proper knowledge platform for any future developments.

The program consists of programming and mathematics units, which can also be taken in parallel.

Here are the courses with some short descriptions:

Mathematical foundations of programming

C++ basics

Hardware overview

x86/ARM Architecture

x86/ARM Assembly language

Octal and binary arithmetic, Boolean algebra, automata and Turing machines, algorithms, math logic.

A complete end-to-end course on C++ basics - types, variables and constants, memory, branches and loops, operators and functions, classes and OOP.

Computer architecture, devices (CPU, memory bus, RAM, chipset, timer, I/O devices, etc.).

CPU registers, interrupts, modes, memory segments․

CPU commands, procedures, stack.

The educational process consists of 3 parts: theoretical and practical lessons, homeworks.

Lessons will be held offline at PhysMath School, 2 classes per week.

The program fee is 8000 AMD per month.


You can enroll by clicking here.