C++ From Scratch

C++ From Scratch

MutEx System Programming School announces the launch of a new program: C++ From Scratch program.

During the program, the participants will get basic knowledge of C++, which will ensure further professional growth.

Course contents

MutEx System Programming School announces the launch of a new program: C++ From Scratch program.

Our main goal within the program is to give the participants fundamental system programming knowledge in C++ and computer science in order to help them to build a proper knowledge platform for any future developments.

The program consists of programming and mathematics courses, which can also be taken in parallel. Full duration is 6-8 months depending on current results.

Here are the courses with some short descriptions:

Mathematical foundations of programming

C++ basics

Hardware overview

x86/ARM Architecture

x86/ARM Assembly language

Operating systems

Advanced C++ programming

POSIX programming

Network programming

Web programming fundamentals

Parallel programming

Octal and binary arithmetic, Boolean algebra, automata and Turing machines, algorithms, math logic.

A complete end-to-end course on C++ basics - types, variables and constants, memory, branches and loops, operators and functions, classes and OOP.

Computer architecture, devices (CPU, memory bus, RAM, chipset, timer, I/O devices, etc.).

CPU registers, interrupts, modes, memory segments.

CPU Commands, procedures, stack.

OS definitions, functions, boot loading, OS architectures, processes, threads, synchronization, files, memory management, input/output.

“Hello, World!” and other advanced topics.

Shell, compiler, makefiles, working with files, processes, threads, inter-process communication tools (pipes, shared memory)

Network and Internet, protocols, routing, DNS, sockets.

HTTP protocol, general web concepts, Web API, ReSTful services, advanced web concepts.

Threads vs. Processes, Open MPI, OpenCL.


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The process consists of three types of activities - theory and practical lessons, and homeworks, which can be considered as micro-projects. Lessons will be held offline, in Yerevan State University auditoriums, 3 classes per week. Maximum group size: 60 students. Vahram M. will be the main lecturer with some possible TA involvement to get help for homework checks and feedback.

A written exam will be held to check the problem solving and logical skills of the candidates.

The program fee is 50000 AMD per month.

25 percent of the best participants of the course will be given the opportunity to study for free, 25 percent of the best participants of the courses will be given the opportunity of a 50% discount, the participants who have shown excellent results will receive a worthy scholarship.

Privileged opportunities apply to all students who are not currently employed. The users of the discount system will be selected based on the summary of the results of the entrance exam and the best results during the course.

Participation and activity in classes, as well as the conscientious performance and quality of homework will also be taken into account.

Want to join the program as a partner? Contact information:

email: admin@mutex.school

mobile: 044 540609