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You can enroll by clicking here.

You can enroll by clicking here.

About us

MutEx is a system programming school designed to train competitive professionals in the field. Having acquired the basic knowledge, the school is currently conducting a C ++ Masterclass, C++ From Scratch and System Programming Fundamentals courses.

Why study with us?

  • You will gain a solid knowledge by using old and new teaching methods.

  • By combining theoretical and practical knowledge you will become a demanded specialist in the labor market.

  • Strengthen your analytical thinking and problem-solving ability.

MutEx School is planning to hold a conference on 4th of June to discuss system programming issues and challenges. Speakers from Intel, System View and other companies will take part in the conference.

MutEx is currently running C ++ Masterclass, C++ From Scratch and System Programming Fundamentals courses for schoolchildren, students, as well as programmers. Updates on new registrations are posted on the website and social networks.

  • Privileged opportunities apply to all students who are not currently employed.

  • System Programming Fundamentals will start on October 1.

  • The another C++ Masterclass course will be held in October.

  • The new C++ From Scratch program will be launched in October.

  • On June 4, 2022, was held the long-awaited System Programming Conference.

  • Education & Career Expo 2022 was held on April 27-29.

  • After three years of operation, the school went through a rebranding phase.

  • One of the achievements of 2022 was the Compiler Level Up course for teaching participants.

  • In February 2022 we had 2 achievements.

  • The book Programming via OS authored by the school's founder Vahram Martirosyan was published, the C ++ master class was launched.

Where we had begun from

Founded in 2019, the school was formerly named after Alan Turing, a mathematician and first programmer. Since April, it has been renamed the MutEx School of Programming.

Old site:

Thanks to our partners, the courses are available to everyone completely free of charge. As a result of our cooperation, a number of projects are being implemented, due to which students have the opportunity to go one step further in their professional path.